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When an accident. No advance payment.
Siroros Hospital can help you prepare the following documents/evidence:
  • **Car Accident Victims Act Increases additional coverage by 50,000 baht, including initial medical expenses from 30,000 baht to 80,000 baht. You can ask for more information at the Contact Center, Tel. 073223600-4, to the Customer Service Department 125, 129, 194, 877.

Supporting Documents
  • 1. A copy of the victim's identification card (patient). #Patient's signature

    2. A copy of the victim's house registration (patient). #Patient's signature to certify the document in case the victim (patient) if the age is less than 18 years old, use a copy of the birth certificate and a copy. House registration with a copy of the father's or mother's ID card #Father or mother's signature Deputy Power of Attorney.

    3. Copy of identification card (driver) in case the patient is a passenger/pillion passenger. #The driver signs the document.

    4. A copy of the insurance policy schedule (Car Act) #The owner of the car signs and certifies the document. #The owner of the car signs the document.

    5. A copy of the vehicle registration manual (registered list page) #The owner of the car signs the document.

    6. A copy of the identity card of the car owner #The owner of the car signs the document.

    7. A copy of the daily record (notice) must contain the following details:

    • - date, time, place of occurrence

      - Victim's name (patient) matches the ID card / house registration

      - The patient is a driver, passenger or pedestrian.

      - The vehicle registration number or vehicle number (new vehicle) corresponds to the insurance policy (Vehicle Act). In the daily record, (specify the word "red car" and specify "car number")

*** Please check the accuracy in the daily memo received from the police station. that is notified every time ***

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